Who I am..


Who I am..

Hi Hi,

I’m Mesha, owner of just add… Some may ask why I started this company or what lead me here, but the answer is very simple. There was a need, my need and curiosity, of understanding my own hair journey. I, like so many others wanted to know more about my own hair. I could not remember my natural hair as a child because my first relaxer (hair straightener) was given to me when I started school, and from there started all the ups and downs with my hair.


Its amazing how much we learn about our self as a child and about what is acceptable in society and what is not. Evidently, my hair in its natural state was unacceptable. Due to this you can only imagine the courage, yes I said courage, it took to cut all my hair off and  start all over! Given, I am not as bold as many of you!  it took a break up, moving to a new country, and a whole lot of chatter from mother dearest! Don’t get me wrong, I am the only one to blame for listening to all of the outside voices. As you probably already know or have experienced everyone has an opinion.

So, I am here to help you and encourage you. Its hard the natural journey. You will have bad hair days, you will second guess your decision, and you will make mistakes. But through all the ups and downs no matter what, I can say I know my hair better than any hair dresser, style technician, or what have you. And it feels good to be able to go to the hair salon and be able to tell them exactly what I want without the thought of sounding stupid. Its your hair after all. Its about time we understood our beautiful mess!

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