New Age Italiana


New Age Italiana

Either you live or lived in Italy because of family, work, or love. Or maybe you are Italian and live abroad. The idea is that you changed. You are not the same person you used to be. You have combined your Italian niche with whatever is embedded in you. It is the true you with a splash of everything else.


Many of you may have noticed a new hashtag that I have created, #newageitaliana. Well what does that mean? #Newageitaliana, is your ability to be you while you incorporate that perfect niche of Italiana. #Newageitaliana, is wearing a pair of five inche heels and still being comforted by the fact that my American side put a pair of flats in my bag. It is sending the perfect plate of Al dente pasta back in a restaurant because maybe it is a bit undercooked for you. #Newageitaliana is your German and Caribbean side debating on how much skin is too much skin to wear with high heels. Or saying, I would much rather have tea than an espresso!

Embrace your #newagitaliana, because it is what makes you truly you!

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