About me!
Little old

I live in Milan, Italy and love every minute of it. I have a very mixed background but I think most of us do. My mom is Trinidadian and my dad is German but trust me there is so much more to my family tree. I came to Milan for school and ended up falling in love with the city while being swept off my feet. I have fallen and gotten back up but all in all I still manage to call this my home.

I love fashion, seriously love it! Always ready to test the boundaries and try new things. Have a look at the lifestyle page for ideas on how to wear your beautiful messy hair on vacation, dining out, or just around town. Feel free to send pics of your amazing looks!

just add… are natural products made to make hair care easier and gentler. Its not only about afro or curly hair, it’s about healthy hair for all hair types. The products are made into powder and you my lovelies just add water. Easy right?

Along the way, I will be helping you understand which products and ingredients are right for you. My recipes are old school, mom’s kitchen talk, but sometime going back to the basics helps us move forward. But don’t be shy, help me to also understand what you need.


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